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Small Bathroom Appearance

4 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

small bathroomExcluding the closets, bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in a home. This can make the space feel cramped and confined. Luckily, some strategic designing can make a small bathroom look bigger. Here are some ideas our own general contractors implement when working on petite rooms.

1. Stick with One Color

It doesn’t matter if you stick with tiles, paint, wallpaper, or a combination of the three. Just stick with one color. Neutral-colored tiles for the shower and a bold color for the walls, for example, visually chops up the space. If you want some contrast, then use a different color for the cabinet to make it the focal piece.

2. Blend the Ceiling with the Walls

Sticking with a single color also applies for the ceiling. This is especially so if the ceiling is sloped or angled. Giving the ceiling the same color as the walls will minimize the impact of the irregular shape. It also reduces the number of intersecting planes and transitions, creating the illusion of a more expansive upper area.

3. Incorporate a Lot of Glass

Consider a clear glass door if you have a walk-in shower. Also, consider a large mirror above the sink, preferably one that reaches or almost reaches the ceiling. Top this off with a lighting source directly above it. This will increase the light’s glow and make the space grow.

4. Add a Recessed Space

You can actually add space, and not just visually, by recessing the walls. It’s much the same way the medicine cabinet is recessed. You can do this for the wall or the shower. Of course, you will need to reframe the wall, but it’s a bathroom remodeling design that’s beneficial both functionally and visually.

We’ll Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Schedule an appointment with DreamMaker of Walnut Creek to begin the renovations. We are familiar with all the design tricks in the book for making a small bathroom appear bigger.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Strategic Remodeling for Small Bathrooms

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